Making Miracles with the Mutiny

You may have seen Ben Allen suiting up for the Myrtle Beach Mutiny this year, but for him this week, there is more to soccer than just trying to score goals.

"We're just spending time with these kids and socializing, getting to know their names, what their likes are, their dislikes; playing soccer as well at the same time," he explained as he and his teammates have gotten together this week to help teach children of the Miracle League for its first-ever soccer camp. "So I think it's a united effort in communicating with them, talking to their parents or guardians. And I think that's very, very important. I think it goes a long way."

For these young athletes it's the little things that matter as they simply are looking for a proper introduction to the game.

"We're out here, we're not doing a lot of drills," said Allen. If they want to do drills, we'll do it with them. We'll let them shoot on goal, teach them proper fundamentals and techniques of passing, but we're out here teaching character most importantly. That, and some sportsmanship."

While the Mutiny try to move up in the standings the remainder of this season, there is a second common goal amongst the team - to continue its relationship with the Miracle League and to keep on teaching.

"We have so much we're blessed with that we take for granted," said Ben. "You see what we have and our money and so on and so forth. To share that with these kids is such a blessing and definitely worth it for them. It puts smiles on their faces. It's honestly priceless."