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Pawleys Island community concerned about eyesore in their neighborhood

PAWLEYS ISLAND, SC (WMBF) Neighbors in one community in Pawleys Island are concerned about a house being an eyesore as well as a safety risk. Some say the house has been abandoned for more than five years, and they have seen improvement to clean up the cluttered area, but they said it seems the work is at a standstill.

Eddie Myers said, "It's just a process that's taken forever to do and it should come to an end soon." Tanya Ficco added, "It's such a shame. It looks like the home at one time had a lot of potential and to see it just let go like that is just a hazard for all of us."

Neighbors who live off of Navigator Drive in Pawleys Island said the home is creating major concerns. They tell WMBF News they have tried to contact the owner of the home who no longer lives there but have gotten no response.

Ficco stated, "I have two small dogs and we walk at night. There is very little light so you're not aware of what you might run into." Larry Beasley said, "The house is dormant. It's infested with snakes, vermin, racoons, possums. There were holes in the roof this large for over three and a half years. The food was still in the refrigerator from four and a half years ago."

Larry Beasley lives right next to the house and he said there have been steps taken to clean it up. Beasley added, "Every neighbor that lives in the neighborhood was there in the courtroom and spoke their mind about how what an impediment this was on the neighborhood and how unsanitary it was and the judge said ok you need to get it cleaned up."

Beasley said soon thereafter a dumpster showed up and the house was cleaned out. Now he said it appears the work has stopped.

Beasley said, "The sad part about this whole ordeal in the courtroom is he gave her a time to start but never initiated any type of an end date so we are here at an open ended long does this have to go on."

Now neighbors are asking for something to be done. Ficco said, "I would hope they would have some concern for our property values and the amount of time and money we put into trying to improve our homes. We really need their support."

Myers said, "Somebody needs to be following up and checking up on it to make sure it gets done that's all we're asking."

We have calls into Georgetown officials about this matter and the calls have not been returned over the weekend. Stay with WMBF News for the latest developments on this story.

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