Surfside Pier not up to ADA regulations

SURFSIDE BEACH, SC (WMBF ) The ramp running from the Surfside Pier parking lot to the shops is wide enough to access people in wheelchairs, but it is not completely up  to ADA's standards.

The ramp's incline is too steep, according to Surfside's Interim Town Administrator Micki Fellner. Fellner said the town is working hard to make the necessary improvements.

People hanging out in Surfside Friday had mixed reaction to whether or not they thought the ramp was easily accessible.

Phil Blanchard said he thinks the ramp is good just how it is.

"It's very accessible. It's easy to get to., so people can come up here and get up here and get in and out very easy. It's wide," Blanchard said.

"It's so hard for people with disabilities," Mary Leyland said, "elderly people sometimes cannot control their wheelchairs."

Fellner said the town had a mediation settlement in May and has been given until May 2013 to fix the ramp. She said the town continues to meet to discuss its plan of action with the ramp.

Leyland said she thinks by fixing the ramp, Surfside Beach could see more tourists.

"If you do something like that you can advertise it more that it is handicap accessible," Leyland said.

Fellner said the town is planning on adding new ADA accessible bathrooms near the pier.

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