DHEC visits Hong Kong twice in one week

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) When the Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) visited Hong Kong in Garden City the inspector found seven violations. The Chinese restaurant that sits on the Garden City Connector scored an 80, a 'B' rating on DHEC's scale.

According to DHEC's report, three of the seven violations are considered critical. The inspector  noted a staff member missed a step required after handling raw meats, hand washing. The inspector moved on to demonstrate proper hand washing with all staff members.

Another critical violation came after a staff member reportedly used  the same tongs for a variety of raw meats. DHEC requires using a different pair of tongs for each raw meat separately.

[Read the full DHEC report for Hong Kong here PDF.doc]

The report goes on to show other violations, using the wrong kind of scoop to handle food, and for reusing plastic grocery bags to store food. This is not allowed by DHEC. The inspector instructed staff members to clean the shelves, walls, ventilator hood and filters

DHEC returned to Hong Kong for a follow up inspection. According to that report they scored a 100, leaving Honk Kong, with an 'A' rating.

[Read the follow up DHEC report for Hong Kong here PDF.doc]

Big K.T.'s BBQ Shack in the North Strand also had a routine inspection.

Kim Talbot, owner of the barbeque restaurant says the inspection went well. According the report the inspector found two violations. One of the violations was noted for not having the required water temperature for all faucets. The second violation dealt with the ice machine and the inspector  ordered staff to clean it.

"Within 15 to 20 minutes that she was gone, they were fixed," said Talbot.

K.T.'s  scored a 97, an 'A' rating. Talbot thanks his staff for that.

[Read the full DHEC report for Big KT's BBQ here PDF.doc]

"I actually have very little to do with keeping the kitchen clean. The guys in the back, they do a great job."

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