Bonecrushing Talent: James Smith's Boxing Camp

It may not be the most popular sport on the landscape anymore, but one former champion is adamant about a revival of the boxing.

"I wanted to do a camp for kids, and we're going to try to explain to them what it is like to have boxing in your life," said James 'Bonecrusher' Smith, former heavyweight world champion.

Smith made a living in the ring during the 1980s. Now residing in Myrtle Beach, his goal is to shine a spotlight on the sport that gave him so much. His trainer of 30 years, Mike Bivens, is fully on board, helping instruct kids at the camp.

"It gives kids something to do instead of getting in trouble or sitting in front of a TV all day," said Bivens.

And the unique identity has provided good variety for the young minds of the Sweet Science.

"It's not like a lot of sports because some sports, they have kicking and throwing, this isnt kicking and throwing or anything like that," explained ten year old Jayden Mrozinski.

As long as there is interest, Bonecrusher and Mike will keep teaching, with hopes of finding the next champion in the Grand Strand.

"There's plenty of kids here that haven't given boxing a shot," said Smith. "I didn't know a thing about boxing until I took up the interest and time to learn about it. For all we know, we could have the next champion of the world here, just walking around."

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