Surfside Beach pier tenant getting ready to open

SURFSIDE BEACH, SC (WMBF) The new tenants moving into the Surfside Beach Pier are just weeks away from opening their new restaurant Surf Diner, and many locals are anxious to see it open.

Local Brad Collins said, "Now that this place is opening back up there is a lot of talk about it and a lot of exciting things going to happen we hope." Collins grew up in Surfside Beach and saw multiple tenants go through the pier.

Now that the new tenants are getting ready to open the Surf Diner restaurant some say that is good news for everyone. The new restaurant is looking to hire anywhere from 40 to 50 new employees.

Collins said, "We've applied here for whatever…bartending, kitchen staff, waiting whatever. We are just excited about being close. We used to eat here all the time, and it's just exciting to get back to the old roots."

Roth said he understands the nostalgia of the pier. "We wanted that eclectic nostalgic family fun environment that's always been here at Surfside Pier."

Roth said he has spent thousands of dollars to bring the building up to code by putting in new kitchen equipment, new plumbing, electrical and flooring.

Roth added, "We've done our due diligence and made sure we've made every penny count down here, and we plan to be here a long time so we bought some quality stuff. The main improvements have been with the décor and seating."

At the same time the town has also made improvements to the pier itself. Mayor Doug Samples said, "The town awarded a contract for some maintenance structural issues beneath the pier. That work is for intents and purposes  done. I think there may be one or two smaller projects that are on the punch out list."

Mayor Samples said it is all in an effort to improve the area and bring in more people. Roth said, "We want them to be successful and frankly people like to walk on the pier, and I think it portrays the town in a good light."

Even though many are anxious to see it open, right now there is not an exact timetable as to when they will be ready for business. Roth said, "We probably could have started the project earlier. It's just the timing basically on our side. If we could have started in August of last year it would have been great."

Roth said they still need permits from the fire department, DHEC and the town to sign off of everything. They hope to open in a few weeks so they can kick off during this year's summer season.

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