Consider This: 7th Congressional District Democratic Runoff

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) If you voted for Ted Vick in the 7th Congressional District Democratic primary on June 12th the South Carolina Election Commission says your vote doesn't count.

Consider This: More than two thousand people voted for Ted Vick, however, because he dropped out of the race those votes didn't count. And because those votes didn't count there will not be a runoff election. But that's not right. Maybe you voted for Ted Vick to show that you support him regardless of his recent actions. Or maybe you wanted to send a message that the other candidates weren't worthy of your vote. Whatever the reason for voting for him, the South Carolina Election Commission should not take that right away from you.

The courts should overturn the South Carolina Election Commissions decision, allow the Ted Vick votes to count and a runoff election should be held next week.

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