City of Conway inks deal to bring tourists in

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) As more people come to visit the beach, other areas of Horry County are trying to cash in.

There are some new efforts starting up to grab tourists attention from the sand and the ocean and bring more attention to Conway.

Officials in Conway want to show the beach isn't the only thing the Horry County has to offer. There are already have some handouts and brochures to promote Conway, but now the city will spend $70,000 to do more.

The plan is to bring tourists beyond the beach, and people who live in Conway say it's money well spent.

"It doesn't hurt," said Conway resident Dolores Baltis. "Everybody's looking for more business and more traffic and more folks coming to their restaurants and shops. So they won't know to come if they don't get the word out. So yes I think it's a good idea."

The city of Conway will soon enter into a tourism services contract with the non-profit Downtown Alive to promote tourism in the area. With the deal, the plan is to enhance the efforts to grab tourists from the beach, and bring them to Conway. One of the items on the to do list are to put rack cards at the different hotels at the beach, so Conway can compete with other local attractions.

There will also be discount books to encourage people to spend money in their downtown shops. Tourists will also hear about Conway when they turn on the TV or listen to the radio, as there are plans to roll out a media campaign.

Officials say the "Historic Rivertown" needs these extra tourism efforts to help keep the city going.

"We always want more people in Downtown Conway," said Hillary Howard the Executive Director of Downtown Alive. "Ironically our busiest time of the year tends to be February through June, and then we slow down a little bit in the summer when the beach heats up. So we want to continue to bring people year round and make this a year round destination."

Several of these efforts will be run through the city's tourism center with Downtown Alive starting July 1.

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