Midway Fire Rescue brings it back to basics

Source: Midway Fire Rescue via Facebook.com
Source: Midway Fire Rescue via Facebook.com

PAWLEYS ISLAND, SC (WMBF) It's no secret firefighters face a number of dangers on the job. Midway Fire Rescue Division Chief Bob Beebe says safety and healthy are both top priorities and this week, it's not about learning new material, but reviewing the basics.

All Midway firefighters are going through a high intensity cross training fitness class. Beebe says heart attacks are one of the leading causes in firefighter death so the department provides the right tools and knowledge to help firefighters stay in good physical health.

Midway firefighters are also undergoing a training class on situational awareness which focuses on properly assessing a fire to use the best series of actions to battle a blaze. Team building exercises will also be part of this week's training to highlight the importance of communication when they're in the line of duty.

"We don't want anyone to die. We don't want anyone to be crippled. They want to go home every day after their shift. They have families, brothers, sisters and wives, they have children that we need to make sure that they get home to every day," said Beebe.

Midway Fire Rescue just received 43 brand new self contained breathing apparatus. Beebe says each one costs about $6,000, but Beebe says it's a worthwhile investment that helps keep them safe when they're fighting a fire.

On Monday, firefighters at Midway Fire Rescue Station 82 took a moment to remember their fallen brothers. It's the 5th year anniversary of the Sofa Super Store fire, where nine Charleston firefighters died in the line of duty.

"I was a part of the funeral procession for the Charleston 9. To see the looks on families' faces and friends and colleagues. I hope we never go through that here at Midway Fire Rescue."

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