This One's For Dad

A father and his children enjoying a baseball game is one of the most common sights in sports. But on this Father's Day, the Myrtle Beach Pelicans put the dads on display.

"It's something great for me because I played high school baseball," explained Brad Croasmun, a 49-year old father of two from West Virginia. "But after that I just played slow pitch softball. I've always loved baseball, I coached my son's Little League games all the way through, and to get out here and play one more time is something really special for me."

The Pelicans Father's Day Fantasy Camp gives fans and dads of the game a chance to live out their baseball dreams - down to every last detail, complete with actual Pelicans players coaching the squads.

"It's just a great event to have overall," said Pelicans reliever Joe Van Meter, who coached his squad to two wins on the day. "Dads get to bring their kids out, and for me to have this unique opportunity to coach them is pretty cool too. It has been a lot of fun."

Some just like the excitement to dust off their old skills.

"I played college baseball 20 years ago, so I'm pretty excited to get out here and to pitch a little bit, and to try and do some hitting," said Jeff Cook, a father of one.

Yet no matter the outcome of any of the games, the ballpark was most importantly a place where fathers could be live to be big-leaguers.

"This is a great bunch of guys," said Croasmun. "I just met them, but it has been like we've been teammates all year, from spring training up until now. We're having a lot of fun, and I don't want to see this day end."

Click above to watch how these dads spent their day at the ballpark.

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