Homeowners along Myrtle Ridge Drive concerned about safety on the road

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) Homeowners who live along Myrtle Ridge Drive are worried about major traffic concerns along the main thoroughfare from 501 to 544. As a result, they are asking for help from law enforcement in slowing people down.

Karen Rayburn lives right off of Myrtle Ridge Drive and she said the road is now unsafe. Rayburn explained, "It's an easy access to get from one side to the other and unfortunately dump trucks use those as well."

Others agree. Kenneth Kelley added, "I've seen them pass school buses on the double yellow line going that way in the morning…and it's double yellow you're not supposed to pass and definitely speeding I've seen them pass 6-7 cars in a row and keep flying up there."

Neighbors said the risks include speeding dump trucks and tailgaters. Bonnie Kelley stated, "Quite often I myself have turned down a side road just to get away from them and let them go because I don't intend to speed, and I know that it's inconsiderate for the people in the neighborhood. They don't like the fact that it has turned out to be so hectic because this has turned into a major thoroughfare."

Homeowners said it is putting people in a large residential area at risk because pedestrians frequently walk their dogs and ride their bikes. Rayburn explained, "There is a lot of children in the neighborhoods so that's my concern for the speeding. Especially for the dump trucks because they are heavy, and they just can't stop immediately. It does take them a little bit longer."

Some estimate that some drivers are speeding at 60-80 miles an hour, and they are asking for something to be done to slow them down. Some want to see the 25 mile an hour speed limit signs posted further down the road before it switches to 40. Others want more enforcement.

Rayburn said, "It would slow people down more because they've gotten used to the presence of police officers not being there as opposed to when they were and it makes it easy access for people to just fly as fast as they can."

Bonnie Kelley went on to explain. "It would be great if they could find another way to transport whatever…sand or dirt or whatever they are transporting. We are just not prepared for that and it doesn't seem fair."

Horry County Police officers are aware of speeding problems on the road in the past, and they are continuing to monitor the area to cut down on the traffic concerns.

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