Low gas prices help fuel local economy

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) Gas prices in South Carolina are on average six cents lower than they were one week ago. Some people say by saving more at the gas means they can pump more money into the economy.

Myrtle Beach resident Robert Cannon said low gas prices are good news for locals because it brings more tourists to town, in turn bringing more money to the area.

We love the gas prices here, it brings in tourism and folks to our town," Cannon said, "Myrtle Beach has really grown. We've added a few new attractions down here. If we keep the prices down where families can afford to come maybe they'll come back."

Frank Loreti said the gas prices do affect his family's travel plans because he drives all the way from Pennsylvania.

"If they were much higher, it could have kept us from coming," Loreti said.

Loreti said the extra couple of bucks he saves at the pump make a big difference.

"Sometimes at the most it might cost like $50 or $60 to fill this up and you know if you can do it for $40, that's a lot better," Loreti said.

On Sunday evening, the cheapest gas in Horry County was $2.96/gallon. That was at the Timesaver station in Conway at the corner of Highway 501 and Camelot.

"When gas prices are cheap, it's better for people. They can hold on to that extra dollar or two that they don't have to spend on fuel, and they can buy other things," Cannon said.

The national average Sunday was $3.51. That was $0.43 more than the average in South Carolina.

"Myrtle Beach is a whole lot cheaper on gas so that would save you 20 cents a gallon, if you travel much, that's a pretty good little savings," David Freeman of North Carolina said.

WMBF News has a gas tracker on WMBFNws.com. On the homepage, click on the "traffic" tab. Scroll down and click on "area gas prices," and the lowest gas prices in all the surrounding counties can be found.

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