Letters to city complain about biker noise, behavior

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) Control Bike Fest and Harley Week, or tourists won't come back, that's the gist of a series of letters sent to the City of Myrtle Beach from concerned tourists.

The city received several letters, ranging from complaints about the noise to comments on the general behavior of the bikers themselves. City Spokesperson Mark Kruea responded to each letter sent, expressing concern but also stating the City has no affiliation with either rally, and they actually are held outside city limits.

"The money's coming through the door, it's just a challenge to put up with that amount of people," said Erin Adams, manager of Lulu's Café on Ocean Boulevard. Adams says the rallies seem to serve as both a blessing and a curse. They bring huge crowds and big business, but make it difficult to maintain order.

"You're bike is only as loud as you make it," said Raymond Heverling, who owns McTailor's downtown. Ray also rides a motorcycle and does lots of business with bikers.

"You've got some people that get to a red light and just want to rev and rev their engine," Heverling said. "That's what becomes a nuisance."

Heverling says noise from motorcycles can actually be a very good thing, especially because they alert drivers that a bike may be close by.

"There's a phrase we use, 'loud pipes save lives," he said. "The problem is some motorists just don't look out for bikes."

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