Jobless rates continue to rise

COLUMBIA, SC (WMBF) - More bad news for the job market. The jobless rate in South Carolina was steadily declining for several months, stalled, and it seems it may be on the rise again.

CNN is reporting that nationally, a higher number of people are reporting unemployment than before, considering that last month unemployment hit a four year low.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics said about 386,000 people are filing for unemployment benefits for the first time this week. That's up 34,000 from the week before.

That number is considered a direct reflection of the number of recent layoffs.

The jobless rate in South Carolina had not increased in 10 months, and in April the rate was at 8.8%. That's the lowest rate this state has seen in more than three years.

The unemployment rate increased during the month of May to 9.1%, according to state's Department of Employment and Workforce.

Unemployment is highest in Marion County at 17.1%, and only two counties saw declines in their jobless rates last month, Marlboro County and York County.

[View the job trends report for May 2012 PDF.doc]

The national unemployment rate for May was 8.2%, up slightly from April's 8.1%.

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