Town of Rowland to raise utility late fees

ROWLAND, SC (WMBF) Running a little behind on the bills? If you live in Rowland that will cost you even more come July 1.

Rowland Town Clerk Blake Proctor tells WMBF News that they are going to be about $12,000 short in their budget in the next fiscal year.

Going from $414,450 to $407,350, the town has to make up the difference.

Proctor says the town will not be increasing property taxes, utility rates, water sewer and garbage rate, or gaming licenses. Instead they are increasing the late fee on utility bills from $8 to $10.

Proctor says there are an average of 100 to 150 people that file late each month. The town is also increasing the reconnect fee from $25 to $35, which may affect 10 to 12 customers per month.

Proctor says those changes should generate about $4,800 in revenue for the town but would still leave them about $7,100 short of the current budget.

These new charges will take affect on July 1, effective with the August bill. The Town of Rowland has a population of 1,092 people with 541 utility accounts.

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