DHEC gives popular Myrtle Beach buffet near perfect score

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) DHEC recently visited friendly's in Myrtle Beach for a routine inspection.

"It went well. She goes through the restaurant from one end to the other," explained Jay Benson, general manger for the Friendly's located on N Kings Highway and 47th Ave.

According to the report, the inspector found nine violations. "Some small things we have to work on. Some cleaning issues," said Benson.

The report shows the inspector noted certain items in the kitchen should be cleaned like the cutting boards, the sink, ceiling vents, the drain underneath the drinking station, and the floor around the grease container.

Friendly's has also been asked to repair the torn ceiling tile, the broken gasket inside the fridge and to replace dead light bulbs. "We've already started the action plan to make sure everything gets done and try to stay on top of those issues all the time," explained Benson.

Friendly's scored an 88 which is an A rating on DHEC's scale.

Farm House in Myrtle Beach also had routine inspection from DHEC. The country style buffet restaurant located on N Kings Hwy and 5th Ave N has been around for 46 years according to information on the restaurant's menu.

The DHEC report shows farm house got a near perfect score of 99, and 'A' rating. The inspector found just one violation and noted a broken shelf in the fridge needs to be fixed.

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