Dream Come True: Knab Drafted by Twins

Tuesday marked a big night for local players in the Major League Baseball Draft. And it was a dream come true for Carolina Forest pitcher Erich Knab, who was selected by the Minnesota Twins. After hearing his name called, even he admits he can breathe a little bit easier - but not for too long.

"It's really just a great feeling, it's kind of a relief, and just good feeling after thinking about it over and over for the past few months," explained Knab.

But now, the work begins. Four seasons after helping Carolina Forest on the hill, Erich has been highly touted throughout the past year, and has grown accustomed to certain visitors to his games.

"You get used to all the scouts coming to your games, and calling you all the time. It's a great experience and I'm just ready to get it all started now," said Knab.

After signing with Spartanburg-Methodist College earlier in the year, he has until July to iron out the details with Minnesota and begin working toward the Major Leagues. Yet he has no doubt that no matter what the road ahead has in store for him, it is something he'll be ready to take on.

"Being a professional baseball player, you have to love the game, and I do," Knab continued. "I don't think that's going to be too hard, you have to get up early in the morning and play everyday, and it might get tiring, but you just have to go through with it, and it should be fun."