Grand Strand cities saving up to handle hurricanes

SURFSIDE BEACH, SC (WMBF) With the new "Know Your Zone" guidelines, Horry County Officials have made it clear more areas could see damage in a hurricane.

They've laid out plenty of guidelines for you to be prepared just in case. WMBF News is taking a look at what cities are doing to handle a hurricane.

With the weather people living in the Grand Strand have seen lately, they say hurricanes feel like a very real threat. "With the hurricane season going on, the hurricanes are getting really rough," said resident Robert Bao. "We've been almost hit with a few tropical storms, and where I live there's a lot of flooding, and all that."

When actual hurricanes hit land, there's even more damage for officials to handle. The City of Myrtle Beach started an account just to save up for the damage hurricanes can bring. City officials say they like to keep at least one million dollars in it.

North Myrtle Beach also saves up for whatever blows through -- about 35 percent of their budget goes to savings for when the town is in a tough spot. This includes hurricanes, or other events that require a steady cash flow.

WMBF News talked with people in the area, and they say when it comes to hurricanes, officials should stash their cash. "I think it's a good idea," said resident William Cottrell. "I do. Reason being, well, you're preparing yourself for the emergency. It's a better idea to be ready, and you might avoid worse times."

Different officials in the Grand Strand say the rule they go by when it comes to saving up for hurricanes, is to make sure that a city can rely on itself for at least a couple of months or until help can arrive.

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