Police investigate 10 armed robberies in 3 days in Myrtle Beach

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) Myrtle Beach Police are investigating and searching for suspects after a string of strong armed robberies were reported in the Myrtle Beach in the past three days.

Two arrests have been made in correlation with three of the robberies. A man described as Hispanic, 5 feet 8-inches tall, 150 to 160 pounds is still at large for a fourth robbery. He has a black trimmed moustache and black hair.

The remaining six robberies occurred Saturday night into Sunday morning, and are all believed to be related.

In each incident, the suspect was reportedly carrying a black pistol, that in most cases he used to strike the victims.

Police are looking for a dark green or blue, 1989 or 1990 Pontiac or Buick.  Myrtle Beach Police Captain David Knipes said it is likely police will find the suspects based on the late model of the car. Knipes said police departments in surrounding areas are helping with the search in case the suspects fled town.

"A large number like that typically is gonna be somebody coming from outside of town that come in and do a large number of robberies and leave," Captain Knipes said.

Knipes said the police department will work actively until the case is solved.

"The six that happened on Saturday night, we're very concerned about.  We have a number of detectives and officers that are assigned to that case and are working that case actively.  We're making it our priority to get that solved as quickly as possible," Knipes said.

WMBF News obtained multiple police reports detailing the strong armed robberies reported in the vicinity of Ocean Boulevard in the overnight hours Saturday into Sunday.

Saturday, June 2 – 10:15 p.m.

A strong armed robbery was reported on the 1200 block of 21st Avenue North Saturday, where the victim told police she walking west from Ocean Boulevard when a man struck her in the head from behind.

The victim claims in the report the suspect then tried to take her bag, and unwilling to let it go, the suspect struck her again causing her to fall to the ground.

The suspect fled the scene with the victim's bag toward King Street.

A witness told police in this report she was riding a bicycle in that area and saw the suspect running from 21st Avenue North to King Street, then noticed the victim on the sidewalk crying.

The report says the victim's bag contained money and a cell phone, totaling $565 in value.

Sunday, June 3 – 12:29 a.m.

Police responded to the 500 block of Broadway Street and found a male victim that claimed he was robbed of $200 in cash.

The victim detailed in the report that he noticed a black male following him as he walking, and was then struck from behind causing him to fall. The suspect had a black semi-automatic pistol, and told the victim to "give it up."

The victim says he asked the suspect, "Give what up?" after which he was struck in the face with the pistol and the suspect took the cash out of his pockets.

This victim says the suspect, a black male standing five feet, seven inches to five feet, nine inches tall with short hair, fled the area in a four door sedan.

The victim was incoherent and was transported to a local hospital after reporting the incident to police.

Sunday, June 3 – 1:38 a.m.

An attempted armed robbery was reported on the corner of Yaupon Drive and 11th Avenue South Sunday morning.

This victim told police he was walking east through a parking lot towards Yaupon Drive after leaving a friend's house when a black male suspect ran up to him with a black in color semi-automatic handgun.

The suspect demanded everything the victim had, but when he fought back, the suspect ran toward a dark in color four-door vehicle and fled the scene. The victim said there was a black male and black female in the vehicle.

The victim's friend saw the incident from his window and reported the same circumstances to police. He says the car fled east along 11th Avenue South after the victim fought back.

The suspects did not take anything from this victim.

Sunday, June 3 – 1:40 a.m.

Two victims, a male and female, reported an armed robbery on the 1800 block of South Ocean Boulevard Sunday morning.

The report says the two victims were conversing by the female victim's vehicle in a parking lot adjacent to a hotel when the black male suspect approached and struck the male victim in the head with a black in color, semi-automatic handgun.

The male victim fell to the ground. The suspect demanded the victims surrender their cell phones, and then asked for the female victim's purse.

The report says the victim reached into her car for her purse, and emptied its contents on the seat before handing it to the suspect. Realizing the purse was empty, the suspect threw her purse on the ground and fled the scene, traveling west onto 18th Avenue South and then onto Yaupon Drive.

EMS responded to the scene and treated the male victim for a laceration caused when he was struck across the face with the pistol. Both victims described the suspect as a black male in his twenties with shoulder length dreadlocks and dark baggy pants.

The report says the suspect in this robbery took two cell phones, valued at $450, $20 in cash and the male victim's shoes.

Sunday, June 3 - 1:51 a.m.

Police were dispatched to 400 12th Ave. South. The report says two victims were on scene when police arrived. The victims stated they had just been robbed.

The first victim said he was coming back from Ocean Blvd, about to go into his hotel room, when he was approached by the suspect who showed him a black handgun. The suspect ordered the victim to open his door. The suspect went inside the hotel room and made the victim lead him into the bedroom where a second victim and the witness were sleeping.

The second said he started to wake up when the suspect entered the room, and then the suspect hit him in the head with the handgun. That victim did suffer a laceration and some swelling to his head.

The suspect ordered the first victim to search the second and the witness' wallets for money, but neither had any money in their wallets.

According to first victim, the suspect stole $46 and a silver necklace from him. The second victim said the suspect stole a pack of cigarettes from him.

After the suspect couldn't get any money from the second victim, he fled on foot in an unknown direction.

Sunday, June 3 – 3:48 a.m.

Police were again dispatched to a strong armed robbery, this time in the area of Mr. Joe White Avenue and Ocala Street. This victim reported she was walking west on Mr. Joe White Avenue from Ocean Boulevard when dark in color four-door vehicle following her.

This victim says the vehicle, with three occupants, parked on Ocala Street, and one of them robbed her at that intersection.

The suspect reportedly told the victim he wanted her bag and asked her to empty her pockets on the sidewalk, but told her she could keep her house keys.

The suspects then fled down Ocala Street. The report says they robbed the victim of $260 worth of money and other property.

This victim described the suspect as a black male with "wiry dreads," wearing dark jogging pants and carrying a black in color handgun.

Investigators tell WMBF News that they are searching for two black males and one additional suspect that remained in the vehicle during these crimes.

One of the male suspects is described to have long dreads, and the other has short dreads. One of the males is described as standing six feet tall.

The third suspect was originally thought to be a black female, standing five feet, three inches and wearing a short skirt, but a good description of that suspect is not yet available.

Anyone with information about any of these crimes should contact Myrtle Beach Police as soon as possible.

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