Beryl spares Grand Strand, but leaves behind small mess

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Tropical Depression Beryl was mainly a minor event for the Grand Strand, but did leave behind a mess in low-lying areas and prompt rip current warnings.

The storm was most active Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, but the high risk for rip currents kept beach lovers out of the ocean all day Wednesday. A warning from the National Weather Service prompted beach patrol in Myrtle Beach to post red no swimming flags and kept lifeguards and parents on high alert.

"You never know what could happen you know a rip current could grab one of [the kids] and especially with the little ones you have to be careful about letting them get close and stay right on top of them," said vacationer Brian Sharpe.

Garden City dealt with standing water in its lowest-lying areas, but people there say it was nothing compared to past storms.

Donna Ramsey, who lives in Garden City, says even the smaller amounts of standing water are enough to remind her of the serious flooding problem.

"They need to do a little bit of drainage work you know to get rid of some of this water. It just gets in the sewer and backs up," she said.

Vacationers decided to head inland, staying on the sand or avoiding the beach all together and opting for indoor activities. Although the sun came out late in the day, beaches up and down the Strand remained closed for swimming.

"Today we saw the weather, we saw the wind and we decided to go up to the mall," said Jeffrey Oskin.

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