Horry County stormwater drains set to handle Beryl's rainfall

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) Stormwater Management has a big job to make sure all of Beryl's rain goes to the right place. Horry County Stormwater Management has been preparing for the amount of water we're seeing right now, making sure all ditches and drains are clear enough for water to rush in.

They've been cleaning and washing out different drains all across the county. The drains have been busy lately, handling all the water from the constant rain we saw just a couple of weeks ago. Now with Tropical Depression Beryl, their biggest worry is how fast the rain is coming down.

If we're seeing huge amounts of rainfall in a short amount of time, they say it might be too much for the drains to handle. Officials with the county and with SCDOT are standing by to see how the drains hold up, ready to act in case the water flows onto the roads.

"With our foreman on call, our patrol will call, they'll say if water's crossing the road," said Shannon Welch, with SCDOT Maintenance. "Whatever's needed if it's just water on the road signs or if we need to open some drainage structures, we're there to do it. "

Officials with SCDOT also say after a lot of rain like this, they usually get a large amount of calls about ditches overflowing and clogged drains. But if you're having problems, make sure you know who to call. If the drainage problems Wednesday morning are on a county road, call Horry County Stormwater Management. If it's a state road, then SCDOT will come out to help.

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