Homeowners advised to check for rain-related problems

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - During heavy rain from tropical systems, or even severe thunderstorms, all the water can cause problems around a home.

Danny Isaac with restoration company A & I Fire and Water Restoration said he sees the aftermath of those problems regularly, and fortunately many of the problems could be avoided or reduced.

Homeowner Terry Dresser just repaired damage from one of the most common rain-related problems. Her gutters were leaking water into the framing of her roof.

"We found that some of the water was flowing backwards thereby getting under the shingles and causing the damage," she explained.

Gutter specialist Eddie McCreery with the Seamless Myrtle Beach company said there are usually two issues with gutters.

"You want to make sure they're pitched in the right direction so that they're draining properly that way," McCreery said. "You also want to make sure they're cleaned out of any debris that may cause them to back up and overflow."

There are two pretty easy ways to figure out if gutters are working properly, McCreery said. First, when it is raining, check out the spout and make sure there is water coming out of there. Second, look for any patches that are dirtier that the rest of the gutter. That will likely indicate where water is flowing over the gutter in that area. Homeowners can get up on a ladder and check for clogged gutters themselves, or they can hire a professional will likely check for a few more issues.

"We'll check the pitch, check the level on it, make sure the water's flowing like it's supposed to," McCreery said.

Lots of rain can also saturate the ground, so check for trees that may fall over. Isaac said debris can also clog ditches and drains. So watch for anything that could cause flooding in your yard.

"If you have an open ditch or even a stormwater culvert, make sure the debris doesn't have your drains covered up," Isaac said.

Doors and windows can also be vulnerable, especially when wind blows rain against them. So look for cracks in the frame and caulk them if needed. Isaac said homeowners my need fresh caulk every year or two.

"If you just take that time to walk your property, look for the problems, 'cause they're going to come," Isaac said. "Most people don't worry about their roof when it's not raining, and that's the time they should worry about it because when it starts raining it's too late."

Dresser agreed it is wise to take a few preventative steps before problems get bigger.

"If you have any doubts about your roof or the flow of water through your gutters, or even a leak in your gutters, fix it now because the water will cause damage in the long run, one way or another," Dresser said.

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