DHEC inspectors finds mice dropping, roaches in Conway eatery

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) The Freeze in Conway is busy getting ready for a follow-up inspection according to owner Bruce Young after getting a 'C' rating and a detailed list of things to do.

According to the DHEC report, the inspector found 14 violations at the fast food eatery which sits along Hwy 701 in Conway. According to Young, The Freeze has been in business for 21 years.

Alice Edge says she's been a loyal customer for two decades. "All my life it's been fine and I'm a picky person about where I eat."

The DHEC report also shows the inspector reportedly found roaches and mice droppings inside of the restaurant.

Young says he's hired a professional pest control company to fix the problem. He also says they're working on the detailed list of tasks to complete. That list includes cleaning the microwave, the ice bin, the floors and walls.

The DHEC inspector also requested repair work. "It's an old restaurant and older buildings are harder to keep up to date than newer ones," said Edge.

Workers have been asked to fix all damaged tiles, damaged walls and the freezer's door and to refinish damaged wooden shelves, and wooden boards.

The DHEC inspector gave The Freeze a 73, a 'C' rating and is scheduled to follow up next Tuesday.

"Maybe they'll step up to the plate and have it ready. I feel sure they will," added Edge.

Gigi's is a seaside restaurant on Ocean Blvd and 3rd Ave South in Myrtle Beach. A DHEC inspector gave it a 98,  an 'A' rating during a recent routine inspection.

Nathan West says he's a regular at Gigi's. "They run a very tight ship. He keeps it nice"

The report shows the inspector found two violations and asked Gigi's staff to repair the back door and to defrost the freezer.

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