Three neighbors report checks, money stolen from mailboxes

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) Police in Myrtle Beach are investigating after three neighbors reported mail stolen from their mailboxes Wednesday.

WMBF News obtained three reports from Myrtle Beach Police filed in reference to a larceny on Camellia Drive in Myrtle Beach Wednesday.

The first report from the 3900 block of Camellia Drive was filed just before 4 p.m., and states that two checks, totaling over $200, were stolen from the mailbox. The victim noticed the flag on the mailbox was still up at 3:15 p.m. that afternoon, and placed the checks in the mailbox early that morning.

The victim says they called their mailman to inquire about the checks, and their mailman had not seen any checks in their mailbox. That victim called their bank to cancel the checks and report them as stolen.

"The mailman said there's no mail in the mailbox," said Pam Collins, who had a birthday card stolen out of her mailbox. "My neighbor had her flag up in her mailbox when I put my letter in the mail, and there was nothing in her mailbox either."

Two additional reports were filed from the 4900 block of Camellia Drive Wednesday evening, one stating seventy-five dollars had been stolen from the mailbox.

When the victim returned home, the mailman asked if he had placed mail in the box, because the flag was up and the mail carrier did not find any mail in the box.

All three victims reported the crimes to the police, but were told there was little that could be done to investigate the thefts.

"The policeman said there's not much we can do unless we had video of it," Collins said.

Any information about this incident can be reported to Myrtle Beach Police.

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