DHEC finds roaches inside North Strand sports Bar

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – A DHEC inspector found nine violations at Wango Tango during a recent routine inspection. The sports bars sits along Highway 17 in the North Strand. It earned a C rating with a score of 77.

DHEC considers three of the nine violations critical. The report indicates the inspector found roaches and ordered the restaurant to contact pest control to fix the problem. The report goes on to show  the inspector also noted raw meat being stored over beer and asked employees to move it to a safe spot immediately.

The inspector also reportedly found food thawing out in the same sink where dishes are cleaned and found leaks with the plumbing. Wango Tango was asked to clean the microwave, the dish machine and to clean the floors along the edges and corners.

Geraldo Gonzalez says he has dined at Wango Tango before and says he's not surprised by their current DHEC rating. "I don't like it. I don't like the food and I don't like the experience when I find stuff in my drink."

Wango Tango's owners could not be reached for comment. DHEC has scheduled a follow up inspection.

Also along Highway 17, DHEC made a stop at Kings Famous Pizza. The pizza and sub shop aced the routine inspection with a score of  99. According to the report, the inspector found one violation and asked employees to clean the condenser. Lynette Spencer, who's worked at Kings for years, says that's already been taken care of.

Spencer says they're always ready for a DHEC inspector to drop in. "We're always prepared. Everything is kept clean all through the day. That makes a big difference. Good team work here, too."

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