Local businesses look forward to Target Grand Opening

SURFSIDE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Target on Highway 544 is expected to celebrate its Grand Opening at the end of July. Local businesses said even with two large superstores right across from each other, they actually look forward to the opening of Target.

Carter Calabrese said he isn't worried about competition because his store is a specialty store.

"The table covers on my one wall, I have 8000 on inventory. I think if you put 5 targets together, they wouldn't have that inventory," Calabrese said.

Calabrese said Target will give his store, Party Makers new recognition that it hasn't had in the 12 years its been at the Sayebrook location.

"Target is a great thing for the community. People got jobs, businesses were able to get contracts to build the building, and other buildings with that. So it created money for people who needed jobs," Calabrese said.

Dollar General, Marshall's and Petsmart are just a few stores expected to open along Highway 544 off 17-Bypass.

Sound Systems Incorporated Owner Joey O'Neal said he brought his business to the specific location because he wanted to be near a Target.

"We had a little bit of information that it was going to be here ahead of time, so that's the reason we chose this location," O'Neal said.

Sound Systems Incorporated has been in business along Highway 544 for five years.

"The location is great. If you had a choice to be beside a Target and across the street from a McDonald's, there's no better place to have a retail store."

These store owners said they are not worried the influx in new businesses will create competition. They said having a specialty is what separates them from the Target and Walmart superstores.

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