Short break from rain brings out bikers

MURRELLS INLET, SC (WMBF) - A break from the rain Thursday morning meant bikers finally got a chance to get out on the roads, which gives a clear picture that they're back this spring rally.

Bikers were all over the Grand Strand's South end, centered in Murrells Inlet at biker hangouts Suck, Bang, Blow (SBB) and The Beaver Bar. Hundreds finally left their hotels and went to socialize, have a few drinks and peruse the vendors.

"You can only stay in a hotel or resort so long before you have to get out so we're going to brave the weather and whatever happens, happens," said Dave Roberge.

Many bikers say this year's rally, even despite the rain, rivals last year. Some called that the first real Bike Week comeback since the state Supreme Court overturned the Myrtle Beach helmet law.

"It's coming back. There are a whole lot more people here this year than in the past. It's slam packed and you can really tell if you go down the boulevard," said biker Thomas Easter.

Although bikers say they're happy with turnout some vendors say Horry County's rubbed them the wrong way this year. Ben Sener runs a patch shop at SBB and he says the county's attempt to limit the number of days vendors can set up is a major turnoff to vendors like him.

"I believe if it goes like this some other people are not going to attend the show next year or some other time in the future," said Sener.

Even though some vendors aren't happy with Bike Week, many bikers say it's going well so far. They even expect more riders to come through the weekend and into next week.

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