Consider This: Cell phones on airplanes

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) Virgin Atlantic Airlines, please reconsider your plan to allow travelers to talk on cell phones when flying. If you move forward with this service then other airlines will want to keep up and it's downhill from there.

Consider This: Flying commercial air is a terrible experience. People are rude, it's expensive, flights are delayed and canceled regularly and God forbid you get stuck next to the guy who decides to enjoy his cheese steak and onion sandwich.

However, there is one part of flying that is positive. It is one of the few areas where everyone can take a break from using their cell phones. Now, thanks to Virgin Atlantic, we get to hear one side of a conversation that we never wanted to hear in the first place.

Rather than adding cell service during flights, smart airlines will see this as an opportunity to promote that they don't offer cell phone service. Those airlines will get my business.

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