Increased security considered for Conway courthouse

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) Most municipal court proceedings are held at the Conway City Hall and Courthouse building. Hundreds of people suspected of breaking the law enter the doors there for court.

Right now, there's no official way to check them at the door.

Some city council members have expressed they are concerned about the amount of security at the building off of Main street. People who have been cited for breaking the law, from traffic tickets, trespassing, and even assault, are able to walk right in without a "pat down".

WMBF News talked with Conway Police, and they say when court is in session, there are about two officers in the courtroom to make sure things don't get out of hand. But some say that could be too little to late if someone walked in with a weapon.

Officials say the new courtroom video conferencing system should cut down some of the security risk, but Conway Mayor Alys Lawson says that may not be enough.

"Address those items to see if there's any way we can beef up the security both during council meetings as well as during municipal court," said Mayor Lawson. "Because we want to ensure that the community is safe as well as our employees."

Conway Police also say they are always interested in figuring out how to elevate the security. The mayor says she would like to see ways to make this happen without breaking the bank.

Any major costs would have to go back before council for approval before any money is paid out.

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