Parents concerned about Grand Strand bus stop, police respond

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) Parents said one Grand Strand bus stop is unsafe after they have seen multiple cars speeding past the bus stop at the intersection of Canal Street and Nance Street. Now Myrtle Beach Police officers are making sure drivers are obeying the law to keep kids safe.

Myrtle Beach Police officers said dealing with speeders ignoring the flashing lights is not a new problem. They said they often see drivers becoming more careless about stopping for school buses toward the end of the school year. But now they are cracking down on people who are ignoring those flashing lights.

Parent Michele Miles said, "They pay no attention to the bus…they just fly right on around." Miles said it is a problem that happens at least once a day at the bus stop right at the intersection of Nance and Canal Streets near the Canal Street Recreation Center.

Miles added, "Quite often staff from the Rec Center when the buses come to stop one of them will actually stand in the street and prevent traffic from coming by." Miles said despite their own efforts to stop traffic, the problem has her and other parents on edge.

Calvin Miles said, "They ought to know that stop means stop. And I'll be honest if it weren't for people running the bus and the stop sign I'd just let my wife come out here but like she said when they do that it makes me want to be out here with them."

WMBF News Reporter Ashley Taylor talked with Myrtle Beach Police about the concerns, and they recently came to the bus stop to look for speeders. Police Officer Jody Sutton said, "Each vehicle that came up to them stopped like they were supposed to. The unfortunate thing is when we're not sitting out here keeping an eye on it people pass school buses."

Sutton said it is an offense that carries a hefty penalty. Sutton added, "It's a thousand fifty three dollars and a six point violation just for the first offense. The second offense it's a stiffer penalty."

Officers said they are cracking down on people who ignore the flashing lights. Sutton added, "What would you do had it been your child that that person passed that school bus."

Nearby homeowner Carrie Spivey said, "Please watch what you're doing and pay attention to the children when the school bus is around."

Officers said they have been getting complaints from parents at the Canal Street Bus stop as well as some bus stops along Kings Highway. They said they will be patrolling those areas to make sure drivers stop.

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