DHEC inspector puts popular breakfast spot to work

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – When a DHEC inspector visited Spring House in North Myrtle Beach, he left a laundry list of things to-do.

The report indicates the inspector cited the family restaurant with eight violations, one of them, a critical violation.

The DHEC inspector reportedly found omelet meat inside of an ice bath well above the required temperature. The inspector noted the meat was held at 60 degrees. According to DHEC, meat being held at cold temperatures should be kept below 45 degrees.  That meat was thrown out immediately.

Spring House was also guilty of a repeat violation.  In the report, the inspector noted proper protocol is to keep the cleaning cloth inside the sanitizer. The consecutive violation was fixed on the spot.

From the slicer to the dicer, to the inside of the oven, employees at Spring House were ordered to clean up these items. Also on the list, clean the wall behind the dishwasher, the filters in the ventilation hood, and the buildup found inside of the ice machine.

Gary Berry comes to Spring House whenever he visits the Grand Strand. "The food seems good, healthy and fresh. So I don't have a problem with it really." Berry had this to say about the cleaning list the inspector left behind. "Unfortunately those things are going to slip through the cracks."

The DHEC report goes on to show the inspector included repair and maintenance work. Before the follow up inspection, workers need to fix the freezer door, the drain for the dish machine, the left leg to the grill. The plumbing lines also need to be sealed.

Spring House scored an 88, the lowest 'A' score according to DHEC's scale.  The follow up inspection is scheduled for next Thursday.  The owner for Spring House says they will be ready.

Melting Pot on Kings Highway in Myrtle Beach scored a 97, an 'A' rating in its latest routine inspection. The inspector found three violations and left a shorter list behind. The fondue restaurant was asked to clean the dust pans and floor underneath the cooler. According to the report, the inspector also noted the shelf behind the bar was not up to DHEC's standards citing an issue with the kind of surface.

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