Forcing parking lots to show price could raise the fee

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) There are plenty of paid parking lots for you to choose from. But with almost every lot in Myrtle Beach, you're choosing a different price. WMBF News checked around, and found there are prices ranging from $5 for one day, to $5 for just one hour.

Council members are debating how to protect you and your wallet when you drive to the beach. With the new towing ordinance that passed about a month ago, there's now a rule that says paid parking lots have to clearly display how much they want you to pay. Right now when you drive around only a few lots clearly name their price on a sign, so you have to pull up to an attendant before you know how much cash you're handing out. But some paid parking lot owners say forcing them to put up their price affects how they do business.

"Some places you know they probably are about towing and making money that way, but we're not in that business," said parking lot owner Chris Walker. "That's a bad way to do business and we're just we're supplying a service that people need."

City officials want to make sure they don't hurt the parking business with any changes to the ordinance, because there's such a limited amount of parking in the downtown area. So they have to figure out a balance between how to protect you and how to protect business owners.

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