Man tosses cat out window, tried to drop it off

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) Grand Strand Humane Society workers say they witnessed a case of animal cruelty right before their eyes when a man tossed a pregnant cat out of his car window into a ditch beside the shelter.

"Somebody came to drop off a cat here, but we were already at capacity," said Market Director Amy DuPre. "He didn't like that, and he threw that cat out of this window as he sped away. It's still missing right now."

Employees at the Humane Society say while this case is rare, they see several cases of animals abandoned and left in some of their outdoor cages. It's an act that's against the law.

"We've had a dog or a cat in there," DuPre said. "We've found birds, even rabbits in there."

The Grand Strand Humane Society can only accept animals found within Myrtle Beach city limits, and can't accept animals when the shelter's full. Other shelters in the county can, though. The Horry County Animal Care Center accepts any animal, but it comes at a price.

"We'll never turn anyone away," said Operations Manager Kelly Bonome. "But we do have a drop-off fee of tent dollars per single animal."

But Bonome says even if a person can't pay that fee, they will still take any animal.

"We'd rather take care of the animal than not have it taken care of."

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