NMB officials recommend against billboards on Hwy. 31

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) As Grand Strand residents anxiously await the extension of Highway 31; tension is brewing over the possibility of billboards along the road in North Myrtle Beach.

Officials with Horry County tell WMBF News Reporter Alex Holley that the extension project has been stalled, and they have don't have a timetable for when the project will be complete.

Extending the road isn't the only issue for locals when it comes to Highway 31.

One business owner wants to put an LED billboard on the highway declared by Horry County as a "billboard free zone." Placing an LED billboard on the highway could violate county ordinances.

When asked if he thought billboards along this highway would be a good idea, driver Roy Austin said, "Well it could be. Because it will definitely catch your eye attention I'm sure. You know if it's flashing there on the side of the road."

Terry Dicus, a driver along Highway 31, said, "They're everywhere you know. As long as it's neat looking and everything I don't have a problem with it."

Pat Dowling, spokesperson for the City of North Myrtle Beach, said, "Drivers tend to travel fairly quickly along that corridor and you don't necessarily want them looking to the left, to the right to read signs. The speed limit is 65 at the top but you know people are also going 75."

The North Myrtle Beach Planning Commission met Tuesday night to make a recommendation on the issue to be decided on ultimately by City Council.

Dowling tells WMBF News that the Planning Commission voted to deny the major amendment request, and will recommend the same to City Council.

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