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DHEC orders Socastee restaurants to repair work

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) DHEC recently visited Gator Island Grill and Pub in Socastee for a routine inspection. Tina Robinson, one of the restaurant's managers, says the violations found by the inspector were due to your average wear and tear.

"Maintenance things you know. Sometimes, overtime, things wear out and you've got to repair them," Robinson said.

[View the full DHEC report for Gator Island here PDF.doc]

According to the DHEC report, Gator Island Grill was cited with a critical violation for having a broken dishwasher machine. The inspector ordered workers use the proper hand cleaning methods until the machine is fixed.

"We set up our three compartment sink and just did it the old fashioned way. But now it's repaired," Robinson said.

The report also shows the inspector asked workers to clean the kitchen equipment, repaint rusted shelving, and to make repairs to the floor. Gator Island Grill scored an 88, which is the lowest ‘A' rating according to DHEC's scale. The inspector will be back next week for a follow-up inspection.

"We've got one thing, we've got to repair the floors, but that will be done on Sunday. So we'll be ready on Wednesday," Robinson added.

Danny Lee's Place in Socastee also had a routine inspection. The DHEC report shows the restaurant was ordered to clean a couple of things around the kitchen like the inside of the ice machine and the mesh found underneath the bar. The inspector also noted thermostat on the fridge should be repaired.

[View the full DHEC report for Danny Lee's here PDF. doc]

Owner Danny Lee Todd says everything was handled right away. The inspector gave the restaurant a 95, an ‘A' rating.  Lee says they're always ready for a DHEC to drop in for  an inspection.

"I stay on the ball with it. We don't clean once in a while. We clean every day," Todd said. 

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