Consider This: John Cassidy Guest Editorial

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) Texting has become a common method of communication in this faceless, digital age. We carry on conversations almost anywhere, without speaking a word using codes, symbols, and shorthand to express our feelings. But are there situations or conversations where texting isn't appropriate? Yes!

Texting is not an alternative to using the phone when calling would be considered rude. You shouldn't take a call in the middle of a movie, a performance, or a meeting, and you shouldn't send text messages either. And you certainly shouldn't text during a funeral or memorial service. However, that's exactly what happened to me just last week when some rude, inconsiderate person texted during my friend's funeral. What a jerk.

And now that I'm fired up about texting etiquette please consider this: It's also inappropriate to text when you are having a conversation with someone else.  Whether it's a spouse, business colleague, or just a friend it's rude.

Pay attention to the conversation or activities as they are happening, be respectful of those around you and choose an appropriate time to send and receive text messages.

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