Consider This: Your Feedback

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) Today we'll share your feedback on recent Consider This segments.

On the topic of Conway going smoke free, Dan writes, "Nationally non-smokers make up 78% of the population, yet these "business" owners cater to the other 22%. Talk about a flawed business model."

On the other hand, William Goldfinch shares this feedback, "While I feel that smoking as well as second hand smoke is unhealthy and that business would benefit from choosing to go smoke free, I also feel that choice remains with individual business. Considering my point, the only factor remaining is the employee that may have to endure a smoky environment in which they can elect to work in or seek other employment."

Lawrence shares this feedback regarding crime in Myrtle Beach, "Our leaders must take aggressive actions to eliminate these so-called homeless in our area. No, do not provide housing etc to them. Give them a one-way ticket out of town. Tourists are complaining about these types being on the streets stealing, panhandling, buying and selling drugs and the litter they leave. Not to mention, they are afraid to walk w/family at certain hrs of the day."

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