SC has until Monday to clarify voter ID requirements

CAROLINA FOREST, SC (WMBF) South Carolina has until Monday to explain how it will make a voter identification requirement feasible for November's election.  Right now, voter's must have an identification to vote, but it is not required to have a photo.

The United States Just Department rejected the law that would require voters to have a photo id, and South Carolina State Attorney General Alan Wilson filed a lawsuit.

Three federal judges are considering the lawsuit and have given Wilson until Monday to prove it is feasible.

The federal government has said there is not enough time to educate voters about the requirement and give them suitable time to get the required identification before the election in November.

Residents of Carolina Forest told WMBF News Sunday what they thought of the requirement proposal.

"I think it's pretty obvious that it will limit the ability for all voices to be heard. In my opinion,I think that is against what we stand for in the United States. Everybody should have the right to vote. We shouldn't limit that in any fashion or order," Eddie Brown said.

"You should not have to have a license in order to vote. It seems like some kind of ploy to get political edge," Michael Young said.

"I feel like that's taking a right that the people had all along, away from them," Fred Green said.

But, at least one Carolina Forest resident was in favor of the proposal.

"I just think that everybody should have some sort of identification. Either social security or something. But everybody in this day and age needs identification of some sort," Bob Pagliaro said.

If the law is passed, the DMV will issue free state photo identification cards to voters who don't have one.

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