FCSO: Man shot, suspect still on loose

FLORENCE COUNTY, SC(WMBF) Deputies in the pee Dee are looking for the person who opened fire in Florence, shooting a man in the chest.

Neighbors living in the Palmetto Palms community say they are concerned, not only for the victim, but for the safety of their children.

They say some kids are still outside playing around 7 p.m., which is when police say shots were fired there.

"I was shocked, because in broad daylight, it just had me shook up," said Kimberly Patterson who lives in the area.

Patterson says she was walking her children home from the pool when she heard gunshots

"Things like this never happens, everybody out here, we're all family, so I never thought it would happen," said Patterson.

Other neighbors agree this is a tight-knit community, but say crime has increased in the area.

"It's kind of messed up, but it's the laws of the street, that's just how it goes down," said Cream, who lives in the community.

"Everybody out here knows everybody, everybody out here is like family so why do that.. Everybody needs to stop the violence because life is too short for that," said Byrannet Woods, another neighbor.

They say the victim could have been anyone they knew, in the wrong place at the wrong time.

"My kids could have been outside playing, it could have hit one of them, anybody else's child could have been hit as they were walking by," said Patterson.

Some people are even considering moving from the area, fearing for their safety.

"When I first heard about the shooting, I was like man, I'm getting ready to move, because this is too much drama, I don't have time for that, you know it's just too much," said Woods.

The condition of the victim is unknown at this time, but investigators say he was shot in the chest Wednesday night.

Police say the victim was already taken to a local hospital when they showed up to investigate.

Investigators are still trying to identify a suspect.

But people living in the area say they just want the suspect caught and some piece of mind.

"I just hope that it don't happen again because I don't like to see violence," said Woods.

Anyone with information on the incident should call police.

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