Loris examines bus lot safety after vandalism incident

LORIS, SC (WMBF) - After two young men vandalized a lot of Loris school buses, and caused almost $10,000 in damages, the district is exploring how easily accessible these lots are.

Jim Wright, District Transportation Director for the Loris school district, says the state requires the district's buses to be grouped together. This helps makes it easier to put gas in the buses and to make repairs. The downside is it also makes the district's 8 different bus lots, holding more than 400 buses, susceptible to more vandalism.

With the damage to about 40 buses last week, we saw how easy it can be for anyone to go into lots and tamper with school buses. WMBF News took a look at what the district does to keep your child's transportation in tact.

A new law says all bus lots have to be enclosed in a 6 foot fence with rounded barbed wire, a sure way to protect the school's property.

In the case of the Loris bus lots, the district's lots are grandfathered in so they can choose to skip out on the new requirements. When there are multiple incidents in a row, the district does hire a temporary security guard.

The costs of these security measures forces the district to keep everything out in the open. The cost to prevent these incidents is just too high.

Wright says the district's main priority is to just keep the buses running on schedule.

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