Police release video, continue search for school bus vandals

Photos from raw surveillance video (Source: Loris PD)
Photos from raw surveillance video (Source: Loris PD)
Photos from raw surveillance video (Source: Loris PD)
Photos from raw surveillance video (Source: Loris PD)

LORIS, SC (WMBF) As police continue to search for the individuals responsible for vandalizing buses and classrooms at Loris High School last week, they released the surveillance video in hopes of identifying the suspects.

Officials with Horry County Schools reported on Thursday morning that a majority of the Loris area buses had been vandalized, and bus routes were running late as a result.

The damage, including spray paint, slashed tires and broken windows, costs almost $10,000 to repair.

Police are working to identify suspects, and surveillance shows two young men running around on school property around 2:30 a.m. Thursday. One of those men, the video shows, was shirtless. The Loris Police Department is continuing their investigation with the help of a state agency.

With the bus damage to the buses, we saw how easy it can be for anyone to go into lots and tamper with school buses. The school district's transportation director Jim Wright says the state requires the district's buses to be grouped together, which makes it easier to put gas in the buses and to make repairs. But it also makes the district's 8 different bus lots, holding more than 400 buses, susceptible for more vandalism. WMBF News found out there is a new law that says all bus lots have to be enclosed in a 6 foot fence with rounded barbed wire, a sure way to protect the school's property. But the district's lots are grandfathered in, so they can choose to skip out.

When there are multiple incidents in a row, the district does hire a temporary security guard. But the costs of these security measures forces the district to keep everything out in the open, as officials say it's too much money to spend just to prevent these incidents. Wright says their main priority is to just keep the buses running on schedule. "All we can do is have a plan in place," said Wright. "And try to move buses in so we can try and minimize the students being late to school."

The plan includes having several extra buses nearby, so when there is damage, those extra buses can take over. The district also has a 30 thousand dollar budget to handle paying for incidents like the one last week.

Anyone with information about the crime should contact police at 756-4000.

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