NC student suspended for hugging teacher, Bladen Sheriff investigating

BLADEN COUNTY, NC (WECT) - Spring break isn't the only reason why one student in Bladen County is at home for a few days.

An 8th grader at Bladenboro Middle School is on suspension for hugging a teacher, and as of Friday, the Bladen County Sheriff's Office is now investigating allegations filed by the student's father.

School documents verify that he hugged his teacher, which is when the family found out it's against the rules.

Ryan Blackmon says his spring break started a little bit earlier this year after a teacher stepped in to break up what he calls your typical middle school horseplay between him and another student.

"I said thank you after she got done," said Blackmon. "I went to hug her, then she just snatched me up by the arm and drug me to the other teacher and said that I needed to be written up, and that something serious had happened."

He said the teacher on lunch duty at the time wrote in a statement that Blackmon "hugged her with a tight grip."

According to documents, the act is in violation of a level two school board policy.

David Blackmon is Ryan's father, and says it is upsetting that a hug is something that will get you suspended.

David said the suspension is causing Ryan to fall behind in school as well. reached out to Bladen County Schools but have not received any comment, because it is spring break.

Other students say hugging a teacher is not something out of the ordinary at Bladenboro Middle School, but they also said that they have not been written up for doing it.

Blackmon said after he hugged the teacher she grabbed him by the arm and pulled him to an office.

"I don't understand how she could feel threatened if I was showing my gratitude, but she could have told me politely to tell me to move away," said Ryan.

He said her grip was tight enough that it left a mark, and that's why the Blackmons have filed a police report against the school and teacher.

No criminal charges have been filed against Ryan Blackmon.

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