Charges filed against teen in Timmonsville shooting

Eugene Eli (Source: Florence County Detention Center)
Eugene Eli (Source: Florence County Detention Center)

TIMMONSVILLE, SC (WMBF) A Timmonsville man is in serious condition, after investigators say he was shot several times. The teen accused of shooting the victim is in jail without bond. Investigators say the incident was the result of ongoing confrontations.

Investigators say he and the alleged shooter, 19 year old Eugene Eli, had ongoing confrontations.

Eli says he shot the victim in self defense...

The judge denied Eli bond, not because he may be a danger to the community, but because she says the incident may have been a result of bigger issues causing tension in the community.

The bond hearing Friday was pretty intense as family members of both the victim and the suspect gave statements about the case.

"I'm sorry for your son and I'm sorry for what my son did but these boys have been bothering my son for a long time," said Eli's mother.

"And I guess he just got tired of them bothering him," said Eli's sister.

Eli is charged with attempted murder and possession of a weapon during a violent crime...

Investigators believe Eli shot the victim five times on Warren Street in Timmonsville Thursday afternoon, after an altercation between Eli and a group of boys.

"They were flashing guns at me and I don't want nobody to take my life, I apologize for what I do and what I did, I'm sorry," said Eugene Eli.

During today's bond hearing, investigators said the victim and Eli had been having problems for a while.

"This was ongoing, it wasn't the first time, it was ongoing, obviously it was gang related, which led up to this I guess this was going to happen eventually," said Thomas McFadden, investigator with the Florence County Sheriff's Office.

The two live only a street away from each other and Eli claims they are both in rival gangs, but the victim's family members deny those allegations.

Eli claims he shot the victim in self defense.

"They came up to me, like five of them and I'm just teeny," said Eli.

But investigators say, before the altercation, the victim took his shirt off and had no visible gun on him...

They say Eli was in no immediate danger, but may be now.

"If he's out on the street, I don't want to feel like somebody might feel like they need to act in revenge so at this point because everything is in an uproar I will deny bond at this point," said Magistrate Judge, Belinda Timmons.

The judge says she may schedule another hearing in a couple of weeks.

The investigation is still ongoing, but if convicted, Eli could spend 30 years in jail.

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