Gov. Haley to tour new book, says no thanks to VP bid

SOUTH CAROLINA (WMBF) As a woman in the highest position of power in South Carolina, Governor Nikki Haley has been making her fair share of headlines this week, but the focus has been more on her than the state.

Haley will be in Washington on Thursday, followed by a tour beginning next Monday in Charleston where she is introducing the book that details the Tea Party ideals that projected her into office in 2010.

The book, Can't Is Not An Option, goes on sale Tuesday.

Haley says the book is a chronicle of her life, from growing up with immigrant parents in the small town of Bamberg to becoming to first female governor of South Carolina.

The book also entails how Haley manages to balance her working life and motherhood, but mostly the book is a hope to propel her national image, which so far seems unaffected by the criticism she's received within South Carolina for endorsing a candidate that did not win the state primary.

And if Nikki Haley had dreamed to take her Tea Party ideals to the White House, the dream has lost its glamour.

When asked on Monday if she'd consider running as Vice President on a ticket with GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney to help him win female voters, she stated quite plainly that she is not interested in the job.

Haley actually suggested that Romney consider his wife, Ann Romney, as his running mate.

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