Stolen master key leads to hotel room break-ins at Captain's Quarters

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) Two people have been arrested in connection with a string of breakins at the Captain's Quarters along Ocean Boulevard. Myrtle Beach Police said 25-year-old Alisha Gail Hudson along with 31-year-old Jake Gaither Critz are behind bars.

Hudson is facing charges of possession of stolen items. Police said Critz is facing a long list of charges including resisting arrest.

Police are still investigating to figure out more about how the burglaries happened. But the victims said they will not soon forget how they felt when they found their possessions were gone.

Nicole Ferrante and Joe Foti said it all started within minutes of getting into their hotel room at the Captains Quarters. Ferrante said, "When we came back up 20 minutes later with the rest of our things…everything seemed normal and we were unpacking."

Then Nicole noticed something was wrong. Ferrante added, "All of a sudden I couldn't find my camera and then I realized I just unpacked my beach bag and my wallet was missing."

They are not the only victims of the thefts. Myrtle Beach Police said at least 13 rooms were broken into. Sergeant Janet Hardee stated, "Officers on the scene discovered someone had stolen a master key and went to rooms and opened them up while the guests were out and stole a lot of items from jewelry, cameras, laptop computers, pocketbooks."

Hardee explained that an officer filling out a burglary report on Sunday got another call for a disturbance in another room. That is where Hardee said the stolen items were found.

Ferrante said she was thankful to have her possessions back. Ferrante stated, "I had no thoughts of it being recovered at all so when we got the phone call today saying that most of our stuff had been recovered it was a very pleasant surprise."

Still the whole situation left them with feelings of uneasiness. That is why one Grand Strand visitor said she thinks twice about what she brings to the beach.

Lisa Franklyn-Zaidi said, "If it's valuable, there is no reason to take it along with you. Take things along with you of no value or if you lose it, it may be sentimental but it's not a big deal."

Managers at the Captain's Quarters did not want to comment on the situation.

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