Fuller's Restaurant menu creates lifelong customers

LUMBERTON, SC (WMBF) The doors open at 11 a.m. everyday, and the food's so good here, some people are waiting at those doors at opening time. Loyal customers like Sam Everett.

"My appetite is good," smiles Everett. "See I'm 88-years-old, that's all I got left is my appetite."

It's easy to quench any appetite here at Fuller's Old Fashion BBQ and Buffet. From fried chicken to butter beans, corn to mashed potatoes, of course all favorites of Chief Meteorologist Rob Hatchell, it's all just good, down home country cooking.

Everett adds, "This is the kind of food we had growing up when I was a boy on the farm."

And Fuller's has been serving up these southern favorites for over 25 years, although it's start was a little more modest.

Owner Eric Locklear explains, "My mom and dad started it back in '86.  I was raised on the farm and that's what we were doing until things started slowing down on the farm so they opened up a little cafe. We started from there and kept growing ever since."

It's grown alright, Fuller's has grown into the place for folks all across the county and for those stopping through. Serving up the best country cooking for miles around and for good reason.

"The main thing is BBQ. We still cook the whole hog with hickory and oak wood, we smoke it. BBQ and chicken and fat back, fresh sausage and liver pudding a variety of vegetables," says Locklear of the cooking process.

And while Fuller's has grown, so has the variety of food on the buffet, one certainly thankful for that variety is Mr. Everett.

"My doctor told me, 'I'm not going to tell you not to eat BBQ, what I am going to tell you is don't even look at it'," laughs Everett.

By the way, a little side note here, if you're wondering what Mr. Everett's secret for longevity may be, he says he eats sliced peaches every morning for breakfast.

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