MBPD: Suspects in stolen car led police on chase

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) Suspects in a reported stolen vehicle led Myrtle Beach Police on a short chase Monday morning before crashing the car into a ditch.

An incident report obtained by WMBF News states that officers were attempting a traffic stop near 3rd Avenue South and Kings Highway on a vehicle driving with their high beams lit when they realized the car had been reported as stolen.

That officer called for backup before approaching the car, but when the officer exited his patrol vehicle, the suspects in the reported stolen car took off toward Highway 501.

Getting back into the patrol cars to follow the vehicle in question, officers reported that the stolen vehicle was occupied by five individuals and they could hear females screaming. At some point during the chase, one of the doors of the car was opened, but quickly slammed shut.

The patrol cars followed the reported stolen vehicle onto Grissom Parkway and then Racepath before it halted and landed in a ditch. The report states that the driver and passenger fled the vehicle and ran into the woods.

The three individuals in the back seat of the vehicle reported to police that they had just met the suspects that fled into the woods earlier that day on Ocean Boulevard, and they were all going to get something to eat when the chase began.

One of the suspects was described as a black male with dreadlocks known as "Meezy." The second suspect, a friend of "Meezy," was described as a black male with short hair and a chipped tooth.

Following the chase, the car was returned to its owners.

Any information about the identify of these suspects or their whereabouts should be reported to Myrtle Beach Police as soon as possible.

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