Naked co-ed arrested for sexual assault near CCU housing

Donminique Margurt Cathcart (Source: J. Reuben Long Detention Center)
Donminique Margurt Cathcart (Source: J. Reuben Long Detention Center)

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) A young woman was transported to a local hospital over the weekend after witnesses reported she'd been beaten by a naked assailant who was also a CCU student.

A police report obtained by WMBF News states that witnesses to an assault near Coastal Carolina University housing Sunday morning flagged down police to report that a naked male suspect have beaten a young female and she was bleeding heavily.

Early Sunday morning, a Coastal Carolina student, asking to only be identified as Scott, recalled the shocking scene he and his girlfriend drove up on at the University Place Apartments

"We drove up to the stop sign and we stopped up there and all of a sudden we see a girl start banging on the glass saying 'help me, help me'," Scott said.

Scott said a naked man followed closely behind the already bruised and bloody female victim, and did not want to let her go without a fight.

"My girlfriend opens the door, and there's a naked guy behind her," Scott recalled. "[He] pushes her into the car and [she] gets a big gash on her head"

Scott said he had no idea of the sexual assault at the time, but knew he and his girlfriend needed to help.

"I grab[bed] him, [got] him in a bear hug and move[d] him away from the car," Scott explained. "[Then] I [told] my girlfriend to go, and she close[d] the door and [drove] to the security checkpoint"

After the two women drove away and found police, Cathcart allegedly ran into the wooded area behind university place where police say they found him naked and partially submerged in swamp water.

University Place resident and Coastal Carolina freshman Cat Cargen said she cannot believe university officials nor police notified students of the violent crime.

"[It's] really weird to hear that actually," Cargen said. "And they didn't even tell us about it."

Cargen also said she is encouraged by good Samaritan Scott and his girlfriends bravery.

"People are willing to do the right thing and help people in need," Cargen said.

The description of the suspect in the report from police at the university just described him as a naked male, but one witness told police they saw him run into the woods by the pond.

An officer found the suspect minutes later lying in a swampy area behind the college's apartment buildings, almost totally submerged in water.

An investigation later determined that the suspect physically and sexually assaulted his victim after unlawfully entering the housing units.

The suspect, 20-year-old Donminique Margurt Cathcart of Rock Hill, was arrested and transported to J. Reuben Long Detention Center early Sunday morning. Booking records show Cathcart is charged with two counts of assault and battery, criminal sexual conduct and burglary. He remained incarcerated Monday with no bond.

Martha Hunn, Director of News and Public Affairs for Coastal Carolina, confirmed in an email to WMBF News that Cathcart was a student enrolled at the school. Pending an investigation, Hunn said, Cathcart will not be allowed back on CCU's campus.

There is no official word on the victim's condition, but witnesses tell WMBF News Reporter Sean Maginnis she was able to leave the hospital Monday night.

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