Robeson Co. town boasts best water in state

MAXTON, NC (WMBF) In Robeson County, you'll find some of the best tasting water in the United States, if you know where to look.

WMBF News Reporter Brandon Herring stopped in Maxton to find out about that town's award-winning H2O.

The Maxton Water system only has about 2,600 customers, but the taste quality has beat out systems that are much larger across the state and the country.

Maxton, North Carolina may be small town America, but when it comes to water, it's a big-time player. Just ask Larry Combs.

"When I first got here, people wouldn't drink the water. They bought bottled water," admits the Maxton Water Superintendent.

"I said, 'give me a chance to take care of this problem', and by six months to eight months later, you got people coming up saying, 'man, this is good water. This is good water'," smiles Combs.

Maxton has won two second place awards and one first place award for best-tasting water in North Carolina during recent annual competitions. Maxton came in fourth in the country.

When it comes to his secret to his success, Combs says the greatness is in the details.

"It's paying attention to detail, listening to your customers, don't overfeed on your equipment, and we fine tune that thing, which saves us money also. We're proud of the water coming out of there," claims Combs.

He's even gone through the process of identifying every tributary that leads to the town's well, so that water can be protected from contaminants.

"Nature is the best filter. If you give nature a chance she does a wonderful job," adds Combs.

Whatever he's doing, it seems to be working, making Maxton's water the envy of towns large and small.

"Whenever I go on vacation, I take water from here," says Combs. "I think we could bottle and sell it."

Combs says Maxton will once again compete on the state level, and if they come in first place they'll go to the national level again. This time hoping to win first place in the entire country.

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