Local honey helps alleviate allergy symptoms

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) A home remedy is making its way to South Carolina, and some say improving their quality of life. Local honey is a remedy used to cure allergic reactions to pollen. It's said to cure the reaction by desensitizing a person to the pollen that is grown near their home, therefore boosting their immunity.

Cindy Powell, a local believer in this home remedy and employee of Bay Naturals food store says she has been eating local honey for three years and has not had any allergic symptoms.

But not everyone is convinced. Allergy expert, Dr. Mark Schecker, says avoidance of pollinated areas, medicine or possibly a shot would be a better way to rid someone of their allergy symptoms.

"There are a lot of home remedies that people like to talk about and like to promote. Unfortunately there's not a lot of scientific data to support most of those, including local honey," Schecker said.

Whether it's a home remedy or medicine, Schecker predicts the season of allergies has a long way to go. Schecker says those who have never had any allergic symptoms may want to take caution.

"We have had a very busy year so far and I do believe that this will be a very long allergy season, and because of that, when you have allergens that are around for a longer period of time, more people may become sensitized to that. So, we may in fact, see more people start to develop allergies," Schecker said.

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